72. SPARE RIBS, with barbecue sauce, guacamole and potato wedges  12,50

74. SPICEY SPARE RIBS, with cucumber and mango salad and potato wedges 12,50

75. SPARE-RIBS, DOUBLE PORTION, for the big eater or to share!  17,95

82. SHOULDER OF LAMB, (from New Zealand), served mith mint-sauce or honey & thyme-sauce 16,95

84. TOURNEDOS, juicy beef with vegetables and port-sauce  18,95



64. THAI CHICKEN, in thai curry with coconut milk, served with rice, mild or spicey (Asian flavours) 9,95

65. CHICKEN ‘ARENA’, chickenbreast with mushroom, garlic & white wine sauce ( Chef’s favourite) 11,75

71. SATÉ, skewered pork fillet with peanut sauce, served with rice or french fries  12,50

81. STEAK ‘ARENA’, grilled juicy (argentinian) steak, served with garlic butter or sauce of your choice   200gr  16,25/   300gr  19,95

83. WIENER SCHNITZEL, Vienna style veal cutlet (crumbed), with sauce of your choice  13,25

93. SEA-BREAM, grilled, served with rice and vegetables 13,50

95. SALMON FILLET, grilled, served with rice and the Chef’s sauce  12,50

97. SQUID (SÉPIA), grilled and served with rice and garlic (recommended!) 11,50



‘ARENA’, with mushrooms, garlic & white wine

‘EL PASO’, mexican style, medium spicey with Jalapeño peppers

PEPPER SAUCE, with green pepper & brandy

MUSTARD SAUCE, with french mustard & brandy

‘STROGANOFF’, with bellpepper, garlic, ham, mushrooms & wodka



101. CHEESE FRIED IN BREADCRUMBS, with grilled vegetables 9,75

102. MOUSSAKA, with spinache, aubergine and mushrooms 9,95


V.A.T. included